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Why Train badminton with us

(Our Class Structure)

What happened during your lesson?

During your first lesson at SBA, our coach will do assessment of trainee's badminton skills to plan out a lesson plan that suit your goal. 

Each group session, trainee will be given stroke practices, footwork and supervised game play. Trainee can also suggest which skills they want to train for the day e.g want to do smash for the day. Our aim is ensure that Training will be fun and engaging, encouraging and improve trainees' badminton techniques as well as fitness. 


Maximum 5 students per coach

The benefit of group training is you get to play with and against other trainees. During the supervised game play, coach will give advice about how to analyse your opponent strength and weakness and how to perform under pressure. Plus, you will get a chance to practice a double gameplay for a better team work and synergy. 

All the trainees will take turn do the drills and we will ensure that everyone get the same amount of time with the coach. No trainees left behind!

During the waiting time, coach will engage the student with post activities to enhance the particular drill they are doing.

Easy to book for lesson via our mobile app

We all busy with life and we don't want to add any more hassle for you.

Booking badminton lesson with us is easily done online, when you purchased training credits with us, then you can choose to enrol any available class in vary locations islandwide at your convenience. if you need help, our team will always be there to assist you. 

There are few coaches in our academy, which always report trainees progress after each lesson to ensure continuous improvement when train with more than 1 coach. 

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